How To Put Together A September Outfit For Under 100

Happy September! Can you believe that it is already September 1st? I can’t. I feel like it was just January 1st yesterday and now it’s only four months until Christmas. Wait, I’m probably scaring you so I won’t go there yet. I think I’m scaring myself as well. 😉 September for me means a lot of things to look forward to. I’ll be turning 27 years old, the trees will start changing colors, and fall time will officially begin at the end of the month. What does September mean to you?

In regards to fashion, September also means it will most likely start to get chilly. When that happens it will be both a relief from the hot summer sun, but it will also be bittersweet because we won’t be ready for the colder temps to arrive just yet. However, I just so happen to love the fall time because I get to wear jeans, sweaters, long sleeve tops and scarves. Plus I’m finding out that ruffles are still in style, so fall fashion can’t be all that bad, right?

You’re in for a special treat because I’ve pulled together a September outfit for under $100 to celebrate the season. How’s that for savings! Hot deals are on their way to you…

Almost Famous Heavy Stitch Women’s Bootcut Jeans $34.99 – Whenever I find a pair of jeans that are under $50, I always have to give a little hip hip hooray! Great jeans are hard to come by and great jeans under $100 are even more difficult to come by. They look super comfy and get me in the mood even more for the fall season. If looks could kill, these would.

Ruffle Sleeve Scoop Neck Top $18.80 – I’ve heard that bright colors will still be in style for autumn, so why not incorporate long sleeves, the color orange, and ruffles all at the same time? The sweet ruffle sleeves at the end of this long sleeved top are priceless and remind me of a Medieval Renaissance Fair in modern times, of course. Orange also reminds me of Halloween in October, which by the way, will also be here before we know it as well. 😉 Boo! (Get coupons for this top, too!)

Not Rated Women’s Hypnotize Ballerina Flats $16.77 – Now we’re on a roll. These ballerina flats are adorable, not to mention black goes with positively everything. They roll up (to an extent) so if you want to wear heels and then switch to flats that is no problem! Just make sure you have a big enough purse to hold them, which, let’s face it, most of us women do! The jewels also bedazzle and made these ballet flats the star in any show.

Byzantine Silver Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace $11.95 – I actually really like the cross necklace that you can see in the picture of the model in the ruffled top. So I found a cross very similar and it’s simple, stunning, and significant of fashion all at the same time. I like how the cross is a lot larger than your averaged sized cross pendant.

So I bet you are wondering what our grand total is, right? Well, the GRAND total is only $82.51!!!

Guess what that means! You can go get some pizza in your new outfit with your remaining money. Well, if you like pizza that is. I think that sounds like the perfect plan.

Don’t let September overwhelm you into thinking that you only have to wear fall clothing. Ease into it slowly and don’t be afraid to wear ruffles or some cute flats like in the picture above. Flats are still great to wear during the summer but make it easy to transition and wear them during the fall time as well. Personally, I can’t wait for the autumn colors to arrive. I hope they come in time for my birthday.