7 Frugal Ways To Save On Designer Wear

If you’re a woman, the need for shopping is never enough. Though you may have way too many clothes that you actually need there is always this craving for more! Perhaps for a new skirt that’s in fashion or a designer wear that has caught your eye in a store display.

Although it is easier said than done to cut short your shopping spree it is not always possible. You will need to go out to attend social functions or parties in order to fulfill your social responsibility and be a part of the crowd. You can afford to stop shopping altogether and stay at home in order to save.

So it would be better to frame out certain rules that can help you save money on shopping instead of putting an end to it altogether. Apart from the fact that you need to control your shopping instinct for everyday wear, here are some frugal tips to help you save on designer wear meant for special occasions.

Buy From Retail Stores Only

Retail stores have an advantage over the smaller shops as they offer discounts almost all the year round. If you wish to buy designer wears you can buy them from the retail shops where you can get them at a much lower price than the malls. If you are a regular customer of the shops you may even be offered an additional discount if you get lucky.

Make Use of Season’s Sale Offers

The best time to buy clothes of any kind can be during sale. There is a large discount offered during this period when the previous stocks are cleared up for new arrivals. Buying during this period can thus be a good idea as the dresses come cheap. You can also check out discount stores which have a good designer wear collection as well. The resale shops can also have some good collections but you need to be choosy about them in order to get the quality attires you are looking for.

Look For Stylish Clothing, Not Brands

Though it is quite a habit with women to be freaky about brands and tags sometimes you need to think out of the box. Try to buy a designer item which looks stylish and suits you rather than a brand which costs you a lot of money but does not have the appeal. If you still want to settle for a branded one it would be good idea to check out the resale stores which keep many branded items at reasonable prices.

Organize Clothes Swapping Parties

This can be one of the best ways to save on clothes without spending a penny. You can organize a designer wear swap party where you can swap some of your clothes and accessories with your friends who have the similar figure as that of you. This way you can fulfill the need of attending a function or a party with a new dress without actually buying it.

Innovate on Your Dressing Style

You may have made some impulsive purchases in the past which you have not even tried out a single day. If you have some creative skills you can save some money by getting them out of the closet and implementing some quick fix touches. For example adding a stylish button or a fashionable belt can work wonders. By applying some trendy innovative touches you can give an old dress a fashionable makeover.

Jazz Up with Accessories

Sometimes even a branded designer wear can look bland and even a simple dress with stylish accessories can look appealing. If you have some old designer items which you have not worn yet it is time to take them out from your closet and put to some use. Choose some classy accessories that would be fitting for your dress and give a try. It is surely going to enhance your looks without hampering your finances.

Old Clothes for New

Many designer stores offer the facility of getting new clothes in exchange of old by just adding a few more bucks. You can take advantage of such offers to get rid of the clothes that you do not wear to buy some trendy designer dresses. This means that you need to be updated and prepared in order to grab the offers. So what are you waiting for!

Guest Author Bio: Jonny Pean is a financial blogger and advisor with EasyFinance.com. He helps people to get rid of their financial problem by helping them with expert saving and budgeting tips for various occasions. He also offers advices on personal finance problems related to loans, student loans, home equity etc.