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While i appreciate most opinions, you dont belong anywhere on this planet. 43: Harold Mabern (Born 1936) He also experimented with multi-tracking recording in the early 50s – which most jazz musicians considered anathema – by overdubbing improvised piano parts. In that case, why not make a list of the top 88 greatest jazz pianists ? And note Erroll looked and sounded like he was having the time of his life-tragically died too young from lung cacer at 55yrs. Perhaps this list should have gone with 88, still matching the number of keys. Influenced by Teddy Wilson and Bud Powell, Brooklyn-born Kelly is best remembered for his association with Miles Davis between 1959 and 1961 (he played on the iconic 1959 LP Kind Of Blue). My list: I personally think Mary Lou Williams should be somewhere on the list, maybe even Elaine Elias but there are a lot more great male jazz pianists than female. Barron’s own career began with sideman stints with Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz. Created and delightful improvisations that remain engaged with the melody but are always resolved at conclusion Eddie Palmieri, Chucho Valdez should be on the list. At 88 yrs I have heard most of the musicians on the various lists. There’s a japanese pianist probably nobody knows, but i believe he should be on this list, not for any revolutionary turn he gave to jazz piano playing, which i don’t think he did, but just for the sheer beaulty of his music. (read some of the comments that perpetuate the old “he can’t play that well” myth that Leonard Feather perpetuated–actually I don’t believe any of the others could play as he does nor should they try). A.Jahmal, Lyle May, OK, mais aussi Steve Kuhn et encore Omar Sosa (exceptionnel de prestance et d’emotion sur scene)! YOU MUST be CRAZY!!!! Missing: Ellis Marsalis, Bill Charlap, Fred Hersch , Diana Krall, Barry Harris. The elder sibling of trumpeter Thad, and drummer Elvin, Jones, this Mississippi-born/Michigan-raised pianist was initially influenced by Earl Hines and Fats Waller, but later fell under bebop’s spell. Teddy Wilson and fats should be a lot higher on that list. 18 Tommy Flanagan A master who is fluent in both the bebop and post-bop styles, Barron is one of the best jazz pianists alive today. An intrepid improviser whose imagination knows no bounds. I meant Lennie Tristano is #50. Tommy Flanagan was good but not good enough to keep up with John Coltrane on GIANT STEPS. 48: Dave Grusin (Born 1934) Please. Patrice Rushin? 1407 Kerria … Great list. Diana Krall? His propulsive, dynamic style, with its dazzling finger-work, exerted a profound influence on both Duke Ellington’s and George Gershwin’s approach to the piano. Eddie Costa If you take into account his composing and his position as a pioneer of bebop he should certainly be near the top but as pianist solely, not #2, really not Top 10. No Dave Brubeck, what’s wrong with you people. Your email address will not be published. Bobby Enriquez is my favorite! Jimmy Yancey ! Look, they’re all great, even the one you thought should be higher, or lower on the list. EVER>! He made his first recording in 1945, but it was in the 50s, after he joined jazz impresario Norman Granz’s Verve label and led a piano trio, that he became a household name. I can’t believe that Dorothy Donegan has not been mentioned at all! Workshops include composition, improvisation, ear training, music theory, and songwriting. There is an alternative top 100 list over at Ahmad Jamal’s The Awakening solidifies his spot as one of the best pianists of all time, if not the greatest. We scour the internet for reviews from well-known resources. There’s a good case that Bill is a Top 10 pianist, but that’s when the lauding should end. I feel there’s some distance between those 3 and everyone else since they achieve greater deepness – even drama – in their playing while being as technically profficient as the other great ones. Nat King Cole was one of Ahmad Jamal’s favorites. SORRY. 1 Bill Evans His name is Ryo Fukui. Love him, Underrated: Wynton Kelly and Red Garland…and where is Cedar Walton? He is also a graduate of the same program that I graduated from (YORK UNIVERSITY, BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS-MUSIC MAJOR). OK – Keith Jarrett a close second; Art Tatum for playing technique; Erroll Garner for sheer swing; Lists are silly. Thanks Herman. 33 Lyle Mays . And can’t believe you didn’t include Ellis Larkins aka Mr. Feather Fingers. 2. How about Martial Solal?Do they all have tu\o be American? Though he gleaned much from the left-hand stride-style of Art Tatum, alto saxophonist and bebop architect Charlie Parker was Powell’s main inspiration. Freddie Slack Gene Harris should be among the best 10!!! The late PAT LUDWIG from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Shearing, Oscar, Michele Le Grand ( for the few of us who have heard him live). Each provider is evaluated based on the quality and quantity of their reviews, their presence on multiple review sites, and their average minimum rating. Can agree with the top three but not with Herbie Hancock being better than Keith Jarrett. Ella Fitzgerald – “All the Things You Are” If you’re unsure where to start with jazz piano, always start … He may not have been the virtuoso that Tatum was (Monk wasn’t either), but being the greatest jazz composer and orchestrator, he had developed what every classical pianist craves for and not always reaches: an endless pallette of pianistic colors. This Texas pianist’s music was largely forgotten until his tune, ‘The Entertainer’ – which was used on the soundtrack to the 1973 blockbuster film The Sting, starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman – revived interest in his work. How come no mention of Eliane Elias, Diane Schuur, Blossom Dearie? I do not know who wrote this list and where he will take the information but a bit disappointing …. Gone but not forgotten is Nat ” king ” Cole, accomplished jazz pianist before his voice overcame the ” 88 .”, Alan Broadbent, Aaron Diehl, Hiromi, After Tatum, Monk, Lyrical Bill, there is a swarm of fine contenders. are odd choices. Nice list, but far from perfect! He recorded for Blue Note, Prestige and Pacific Jazz in the 50s. Pittsburgh-born Jamal possesses a delicate, nimble touch and intuitively knows how to use space to good effect. OLIVER JONES!!! A troubled soul, this New Jersey pianist was plagued with drug addiction problems throughout his adult life and professional career, but it didn’t stop him producing a remarkably beautiful and consistent body of work. Anyone who can make “Mack The Knife” sound interesting must be good!! Another hallmark of the Texan’s singular style was his use of two-handed block chords. First Choice Music Studio is a music school in Dublin, Ohio that teaches students of all ages and skill levels. Duke is like Monk, inimitable–and of course, that partly comes from being a great composer first of all. Be careful with actually trying to join Ranker, though. But the big name often overlooked is Sonny Clark – unmatched feel. If there is one piano player who, in my opinion, comes out tops in all categories it has to be He definitely should be included among the greats! I might add to that list, Hazel Scott, Horace Tapscott and Bobby Scott (puns? Not one of the 36 Best? Sadly, his life was blighted by drug addiction, which hastened his premature death at the age of 43. Hands down one of the best jazz pianists in history, Tatum was a blind genius who arguably created the most densely polyphonic and sophisticated pre-bebop piano style of all, fusing stride with swing. As Leonard Feather wrote in The Encyclopedia of Jazz when ranking pianists, Monk’s influence was primarily as a composer and a leader, not an instrumentalist. Given his fame in the 50s as a pop singer with a silky croon, it’s perhaps not surprising that many often forget that Alabama-born Cole was also one of the best jazz pianists of his time. It is actually not a bad list. That list is voted on by average joes and jills. That’s the real big challenge the piano presents. 30: Hank Jones (1918-2010) 32: Sonny Clark (1931-1963) As well as explaining the underlying idea, I give examples of how the theory applies in practice. Al Haig was Bud Powell’s favorite pianist. Agree with most of the picks, but Gene Harris and Beegie Adair should have been included. Detailed notation of hundreds of amazing jazz piano chords, formulas, and songs. I knew Kenny very well when we were students at MSM…Most important he was a wonderful soul who made you feel important…. Emerging on Chess Records in the 50s fronting a piano trio, Chicago-born Lewis racked up a trio of finger-clicking crossover pop hits in the mid-60s (the biggest was 1965’s ‘The In Crowd’) before plugging his piano into the mains socket and going the way of funk and fusion in the 70s. I can’t agree with this list. Don Shirley? I agree with a couple of dozen on the list, but I would have thought that Maryanne McPartland deserved an entry somewhere. Though no recordings of Joplin exist, his status as one of history’s best jazz pianists is assured, thanks in part to piano rolls and sheet music from the time, illustrating his unique style, which went on to influence James P Johnson. Trane’s Romanticism was heaven-bent and spiritual in contrast. 5 Paul Bley There are a few names missing on your list, such as Vince Guaraldi, Russ Freeman, Dudley Moore, Egberto Gismonti, Claude Bolling; each of these have special talents that deserve mention. As a teenager, Jarrett was seduced by jazz and quickly became fluent in its idiom. Hazel Scott Nina Simone on keys as great a pure pianist as anyone? I might come up with a different list. DID YOU INCLUDE DAVE MCKENNA? 9: Chick Corea (Born 1941) A capable and versatile pianist, Pearson’s own records veered more towards the soul jazz style. He’s a wild one! A brilliant musician like Marian McPartland being left off is inexcusable. 17 Vince Guaraldi Scott Joplin made about 6 hand played piano rolls, including a composition by W.C Handy but he certainly should not be on this list. Here is a sample of the boogie woogie specialist: Also, Phineas Newborn, Joe Sample, and Kenny Werner should have been included. Magicians of the boogie woogie. I think Eddie’s brother, Charlie, would be an even better choice! “So just who are the greatest jazz pianists?” Can’t believe no one is mentioning Kenny Barron. I really think this is difficult work. For more insight on the man and insight into his music, see ‘The Death of A Bebop Wife’ Grange Rutan for further insighet into Haig. I guess you are glad that MICHEL PETRUCCIANI is on the list. List seems a bit sexist. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog Popular posts and discussions on … 31: Michel Petrucciani (1962-1999) That was the year he recorded his debut album for Blue Note, and he went onto become one of the best jazz pianists the iconic label signed. Private instruction, Piano Pedagogy, and Jazz Piano Forums. Moving to Chicago, and then New York, he was regarded as a go-to sideman in the late 50s and early 60s (playing with the likes of Cannonball Adderley, Jackie McLean, Roland Kirk and Wes Montgomery) before beginning his own recording career, which started at Prestige Records in 1968. So he has to be right up there and is my favourite primarily because of his unique musicianship and his unmatched intros-beat that! The list goes on ,doesnt it? This list is the all-time great jazz pianists. Unparalled accompanying for horns and singers I suppose one needs to lay out specific “judgment” criteria too – I personally never believe in “the best muso in the world” stuff – it is Art after all ! Way overrated: Chick Corea, Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis, Absolutely agree with you assessment – and Gene Harris deserve a spot. Marian McPartland? His piano playing, to me was rather too simplistic and mundane when compared with the likes of Red Garland and Oscar Peterson. 2. Duke Ellington was known more as a composer. About Youtuber Piano tutorials. What about them? The Atkinson Piano Studio is a studio in Columbus, Ohio that has been providing private and group piano lessons to students of all ages since 1992. Opinions differ on the significance of this blind, Chicago-born pianist who played with Charlie Parker in the late 40s and went on to establish himself as a musician with a unique sound and style. You have Bob James and Cecil Taylor on this list, but you do not have Elmo Hope? That’s because Ellington earned greater fame as a popular bandleader and composer during the big band swing era of the 30s. The Piano Teacher (2001) Secret (2007): A Taiwanese drama about a music student majoring in piano. sad! Sorry. He would be more appropriate as a person in the TOP 50 for BLUES pianists. Lennie Tristano Yes. Discover the ultimate jazz piano lessons experience. Russel Myers Piano Studio has been providing piano lessons to the people of Westerville, Ohio since 2000. Lists are silly. This studio offers private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, and drum for those aged three and up. Here are my thoughts: BRAD MEHLDAU. ridiculous list: Crusin, Kirkland, all these “Jazzrock” losers. As well as a dexterous pianist who enjoyed a long and fruitful stretch at Blue Note between 1952 and 1980, Silver was a prolific tunesmith (among his most famous compositions is ‘Song For My Father’). On the other hand, it was good to see Sonny Clark do well. AUTUMN IN MUSKOKA (Vol.1) is very good. Jazz Pianists? Not mentioned by anyone in this thread), Marian Petrescu (unbelievable), Michel Camilo. I feel John Lewis is most underrated here. Check out her rendition of Nice Work If You Can Get It, on youtube. This company ensures that their instructors have the musical and professional training needed to provide high-quality lessons, which is why all of their instructors have a Bachelor's degree or above in music theory, performance, or education. This is a sorry list of the greatest jazz pianist. Where is Joe Sample, brad mehldau, and Carlos ruvacabla? whoever compiled this list has clearly never hear Gene Harris play. 45: Kenny Barron (Born 1943) All men? An I would move Bill Evans to #2 in front of Monk. Though hugely influential – Oscar Peterson was one of his prime disciples – Tatum’s life came to an end shortly after his 47th birthday. Mal Waldron should just be in the top 5. 34: Cecil Taylor (Born 1929) One of the best jazz pianists still with us from the bebop era. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone hears beautiful music as it appeals to their ear. Without a doubt I would add Phineas Newborn and Brad Mehldau to that list, and I could easily leave out Bob James and Dave Grusin. Influenced by Bud Powell and noted for his horn-like right-hand melodies, Clark was a sideman for Dinah Washington, Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus, and also enjoyed a fecund five-year spell at Blue Note Records, where he served up nine albums, including the classic hard bop manifesto Cool Struttin’. While Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner certainly deserve to be there, they should not be in front of Bud Powell. Mc Coy Tyner Lenny Tristano! How could you possibly leave out HIROMI UEHARA!!!!! The contributions of Duke Ellington, Nat KIng Cole, Scott Joplin, Dave Brubeck, Art Tatum , Brad Mehldau , Nina Simone, Gil Evans, Michel Legrand & Jelly Roll Morton cannot be overestimated ). When bebop arrived, in the mid-40s, she had an affinity for the revolutionary new style, and was a mentor to Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie. Pianists as any other professional musician are certainly competing with their art yet not for being ranked but for getting loved, respected, and paid well for their performances! Device Care. No Paul Bley??? The lessons are further subdivided into modules covering specific aspects of Jazz. Everybody goes ape over Art Tatum.. By the 30s, she was working as a freelance arranger, writing charts for Earl Hines, Benny Goodman and, later, Duke Ellington. He started out as jazz’ foremost “impressionist” (cf. There is some terrific stuff there, let’s say he maybe could have snuck into the Top 36 if he focused on piano instead of bass, not chops wise but getting music out of those 88 keys wise. I’m far from being a fan of this kind of lists. I think there are two important ones missing. And Scott Joplin on the list? The school offers private piano lessons to children and adults at beginner to advanced levels. First, Lennie Tristano had a bigger influence on jazz piano than most people think about. 2.- Keith Jarrett Music Palette is a music school in Columbus, Ohio that offers private piano lessons as well as voice and composition workshops to all age groups. Plenty more good jazzpianists! However, on another episode he played a weak rock guitar solo. Sure some of the more obvious and elememtary things he did on piano could be imitated by lesser pianists. A nine-time Grammy nominee, Barron has been recording since the late 60s and his many collaborators include fellow pianists Tommy Flanagan and Barry Harris. This Harlem-born musician was the first pianist to approach the piano as if it were a horn instrument. 1. He played with trumpeter Maynard Ferguson in the late 50s, but his career really took off when he moved to New York City in the 60s. Though revered by the critics, Byard’s unique sound was less well-received by the public, but he remains one of the best jazz pianists in history, not only because of his impact on jazz in general, but also in relation to his role in the evolution of the piano itself. Thelonius Monk?? She’s an awesome pianist. For many, Detroiter Thomas Lee Flanagan’s name is synonymous with saxophone giant John Coltrane. 1: Art Tatum (1909-1956) The online lessons to learn Jazz piano techniques are tailored to meet the needs of the students who take the course. Even she wouldn’t think she should be on this list! Parece que al o los autores de la lista no les gusta el jazz más tradicional, es una fea y equivocada discriminación. What makes a great pianist, in any style of music, is not how fast or how many notes he can play, but his ability to develop the richest variety of colors. Old hands playing very sweet music.. Keith Jarrett & Chick Corea Volume 2 has 14 jazz piano exercises and tricks of the trade, and quite a bit of it is Calypso jazz piano related material, including some Monty Alexander and Michel Camilo style grooves. Hiromi Uehara! 1. Wonderful list but Phineas Newborn should at least be in the top 20; he isn’t on the list at all. You have the same last name of another great pianist not mentioned on the list: DON THOMPSON. Andre was a young European hanging around LA at the time. Nevertheless, we must find a way to include several outstanding persons not on the list, in my order of priority they are: Johnny O’neal, Phineas Newborn Jr, Terry Pollard and Mulgrew Miller. Mary Lou Williams didn’t make the cut? Nat King Cole was marvelous. Their areas of expertise include all levels of classical piano lessons and studies, all levels of jazz piano lessons and studies, as well as improvisation, harmony, and theory. Michel Petrucciani for lyrical style; Thelonious Monk for innovation – but there’s more, of course, As a composer, Monk contributed several standards to the jazz songbook – including ‘’Round Midnight’ and ‘Straight, No Chaser’ – and, as a keyboardist, recorded several albums of unaccompanied piano, including the classic Thelonious Alone In San Francisco. It would not matter who is on the list. Hmm, didn’t see Kenny Barron there, y’all must not dig that muscular style. 29: Scott Joplin (1868-1917) 5: Count Basie You forgot to include Mal Waldron and Paul Bley. Ammmmmazing technique, overflowing with energy and creativity, she’s written beautiful songs and rearrangements. McPartland and Williams should probably make the list but the other two? Ketil Bjornstadt Music Instruction-Instrumental. Dick Twardsik A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (1982): A made-for-TV Film starring Bette Davis. Calm down now. many omissions:Geoff Keezer,Vic Feldman,Bobby Timmons,Derek Smith,Jimmy Rowles,Marcus Roberts,Vince Guaraldi.Lou Levy,Marian McPartland,Gerry Wiggins,Pete Jolly,Hamp Hawes,Monty Alexander,Cedar Walton,Russ Freeman,John Lewis,Ray Bryant,Joe Sample,Billy Taylor,Mulgrew Miller. Roger Kellaway-Ray Bryant – etc etc etc My exact thought when reading this naive list. In his piano lessons, Herbie offers more than 10 original piano transcriptions, and 5 exclusive solo performances as … Not sure what category he goes in. Meade Lux Lewis Click on the “Popular Uploads” tab to browse through some of her most popular videos. The great Jessica Williams. Here he is with MICHAEL BRECKER. 3-John Lewis. How this list can omit John Lewis, proves a point I always make that he is/was the most under rated pianist there is.. The Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine. From Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jarrett started playing piano at the age of two and rapidly blossomed into a precociously gifted child prodigy steeped in classical music. but this one is close without dissecting and nitpicking it to death. "It’s the best place to learn piano." Diana Kroll mentioned by others continues to grow in stature, and should make the top 50. I give you two european pianists: Jan Johansson, Sweden and Louis van Dyke from Holland. Our jazz piano teachers are fluent in ragtime, blues, swing, bebop, hard bop, straight-ahead jazz, modal jazz, free jazz, third-stream, jazz-rock fusion, funk, and all other contemporary styles of music. Secondly, Clare Fischer had a huge influence, and no one (as far as I could see) has mentioned him. Lessons consist of individual instruction, independent computer time, and pre-recital group lessons. Hell, he was playing the most complex chords and rhythmns long before self-described experts got around to giving them names. He’s in my top 5. Unacceptable. Though Miles Davis tried to poach him (Zawinul worked on Miles’ groundbreaking In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew albums at the end of the 60s), the pianist stayed with Cannonball until 1970 and then co-founded famed fusion pioneers Weather Report. 3. Originally from Colorado, Grusin began releasing piano-led albums under his own name in the early 60s, a decade that also saw him break into the world of television music, where he wrote themes for numerous US TV shows. I think it was please some of you (and it includes 3 females in the top 36.) Yes, if you listen to the superb 1946 Sinatra recording of “Sweet Lorraine” with the Metronome All-Stars, Cole’s piano is wonderful. He died and was buried in Copenhagen. I kept thinking doesn’t anyone know Tete Montoliu? 27: Wynton Kelly (1931-1977) Nat King Cole …… it’s a joke that’s what it is. But the piano has played an important role in the development of the genre, both as a spotlighted solo instrument and due to its role in the rhythm section, and the world’s best jazz pianists have elevated it to a crucial element of any jazz ensemble. Music Royale is the largest music facility in Powell, Ohio, established in 2002. I love Bill Evans but he was not better then Bud Powell or Oscar Peterson! A classically-trained pianist, Lewis fused jazz with rhythm’n’blues and gospel music to forge a distinctive soul jazz style that spawned a host of imitators. Because all those pianists you mention as in”but what about?”, are all on this list,except for Alice Coltrane. Hampton Hawes is another deserving pianist who both Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson admired so greatly. They cannot possibly all fit in a list of 36 musicians!!! Acknowledged by the inventors of modern jazz, Charlie Parker and Bud Powell -and Stan Getz – as their first choice Between Chucho and Art Tatum a toss up as #1..2-3 Oscar. Finally, if we took into account virtuosism (true virtuosism, which involves making it sound clear and perfect) I’d add Hancock, Tatum, Peterson and Corea; Hancock being the one pianist who can get the best SOUND out of a grand piano – he’s absolute perfection playing chords. 13 Count Basie Like Keith Jarrett, Armando “Chick” Corea, from Chelsea, Massachusetts, was an early starter – he began playing piano aged four – and later rose to fame as a sideman with the great Miles Davis (replacing Herbie Hancock). You left off the link. I do like your top 4 and was pleasantly surprised by it. Music Royale was named one of the Top 100 Music Retailers in the World by the National Association of Music Merchants in 2014 and 2016, and was featured by Time Warner Cable and the national magazine Music And Sound Retailer. BRAD MOGGACH from Ontario, Canada? ( These are the pianists who define jazz today. Sonny is a “musician’s musician” – he would rank higher if this were polled from a sample only consisting of jazz pianists. John Hicks could really burn the keys, and Brother Newborn, was on par with the great Oscar Peterson. I assume you mean the TOP 36? 7: Bud Powell (1924-1966) Randy Weston? what about Hiromi ? The late RANDY WESTON?! 41: Jaki Byard (1922-1999) Massa Music Studio has received many warm testimonials from students and families who have benefited from Jamie's kindness and expertise. A great list, but as many people already said, loads of pretty good pianists are missing! Go clean your ears and learn some lineage!! How about Monty Alexander, Nina Simone, Dr Billy Taylor, Les McCann, Denny Zeitlin & Organist, Jimmy Smith?

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