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Established in 2007, our services focus on OFW in Japan in terms of delivering BALIKBAYAN BOX to Philippines. Forex Authorized Agents and Affiliates HEADQUARTERS – FOREX CALIFORNIA. 3. Typical things sent home include electronics, food, clothing, toiletries, toys, and chocolates. BALIKBAYAN BOX. Please refer to our COVID-19 Public Advisory No. | Mabilis! KIJ delivers quality service and satisfaction to OFW here in Japan Manila Forwarder offers the best option in all your needs to connect: from balikbayan box, Online-shopping, relocation container, automobile, equipment, supplies, drop-ship, money transfer, and all logistical services to and from the Philippines and the world- by land, sea, and air. In order for you to qualify for the duty and tax-free privilege, the recipient of the balikbayan box must be a family member or relative up to the 4th degree of consanguinity or affinity. Door to Door to Philippines. DGX Hong Kong Packing a balikbayan box is something of an art form. Filipinos pack up their boxes of treats and clothes to send home to their families in the Philippines very carefully: they’re determined to squeeze in as much as possible. #OFW Pls.SHARE & TAG Your Kapamilya at Kaibigang OFW na Nagmamahal. Simple steps to book your box with your Forwarding Agent. IMPORTANT: The Balikbayan Program will resume on 07 December 2020, and former Filipinos, as well as foreign spouses or children traveling with a Balikbayan, may again enter the Philippines visa-free beginning 07 December 2020. Pickup of Balikbayan Boxes, Available Balikbayan Boxes for Purchase, Door to Door Delivery, Insurance, Send Money to the Philippines, Our Guarantee, Excellent Care, Shipping Experience, Feedback – Good or Bad, Exceptional Customer service, GG Kargo, LLC, Clover SC 29710, South Carolina, Safety, Speed, Reliability, Competitive Price, Individual Needs, Satisfied Customer, Positive … LOS ANGELES — It could be because of colonial mentality that overseas Filipinos are just as excited to fill up and send a balikbayan box home as those receiving it back in the Philippines. Stay informed with regular updates to your mobile. As of 2019, there are over 12 million overseas Filipinos. Kenshin Hako Kenshin Hako. Bida – 24″ x 24″ x 36″ Jumbo – 24″ x 24″ x 26″ Regular – 24″ x 24″ x 20″ M-Plus – 24″ x 18″ x 20″ Q-Plus – 24″ x 14″ x 14″ Gift Pack – 12″ x 14″ x 14″ Cutie – 12″ x 12″ x 8″ Locations in other countries: Italy, Macau, Philippines, and Singapore. SUBSCRIBE. MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) gave some reminders for consumers, companies and overseas Filipino workers who send balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. 45 for more details, including additional COVID-19-related requirements to enter the Philippines. people who trace their ancestry to the Philippines and who live reside outside of the country. Maaasahan! CONTACT NUMBERS: Phone: (045) 625-9894/ 628-7851 to 52 Yahoo BB: (050) 133-94005 The staff of G4 Express started out in Comet Express in 2005. Enjoy fast and reliable delivery of your package nationwide with LBC's express shipping and courier services. For more information or advice on Balikbayan Box To Philippines, please feel free to contact our dedicated Balikbayan Box To Philippines Customer Services Team on 0818 288800 (From Ireland) or 0844 5444840 (From UK). Depending on your shipping agent, balikbayan boxes come in different sizes, from a “mini box” measuring 12 x 12 x 12 inches, to a large-sized box measuring 18 x 18 x 24 inches. Mobile app is easy to use, convenient and will save you time. Trusted and proven - Since establishing in the UK in August 1999, we have now shipped more than 100,000 balikbayan boxes. A Balikbayan is defined as a Filipino citizen who has continuously been out of the Philippines. Since the 1980’s, Filipinos working overseas send a balikbayan box to their family. Subarashi Cargo Services Balikbayan Box Japan to Philippines, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Balikbayan box cargo shipping services generally run between $50 and $200 per box, which is far … Para po sa mga minamahal naming mga Kliyente, ... >Dispatchers- Checking if box was damaged, checking box's weight, it should matched from the original box's weight from Japan. Recipients Must be Family Members/Relatives. Enjoy full visibility to the location of your Balikbayan Box. Our “balikbayan” service offers door-to-door delivery of personal items/gifts from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to the Philippines with branches in Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao. Subarashi Cargo Services started to offer Balikbayan box door to door delivery service in Japan to Philippines since 2008 and has committed itself to provide the Overseas Filipino Workers with a friendly, efficient and smart customer service representatives. How to pack a balikbayan box? KIJ has a 12 years of experience and has more than 1000 satisfied customers. Just to clarify, legal OFWs and residents abroad can send a balikbayan box to avail the tax-free shipment. Live Chat. This term generally applies both to people of Filipino ancestry and to citizens abroad. Balikbayan Boxes. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Mapagkakatiwalaan! We strive to give a Premier Door to Door Balikbayan Box service. Established in 2007, G4 Express Cargo is one of Japan's competent door to door balikbayan box company. KIJ Cargo Services is a cargo services based in Tokushima, Japan. Want to send a parcel from Philippines to Japan, parcelABC is here to help you! In partnership with a well experienced, established DTI/BOC accredited balikbayan box deconsolidator in the Philippines, with more than 20 years of combined specialist experience in transport and logistics, KAYKUYA customers are assured of a proven shipping and deconsolidation process that ensures a secure, hassle free, stress free and timely delivery of their balikbayan shipment. 304 Orchard Road #03-66 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863 (65) 68366241 (4 lines) It is inspired by the Filipino culture of ‘pasalubong OR bringing gifts after a trip. Jolly-B Box is a leader in the international shipping industry since 2001. Japan to Philippines package. 267 E Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, California 90248 +1 (855) 77Forex (or 773-6739), or +1 (310) 523-4080 But if you wish to avail the balikbayan box privilege, which grants you the opportunity to send a tax-free and duty-free balikbayan box, you can send a balikbayan box maximum of three times within a calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Why balikbayan boxes have been an issue nowadays especially Christmas is coming. Umac Forwarders Express Inc. has been in the business of sea freight forwarding of Balikbayan boxes for the past 13 years and one of the prominent door to door company that consistently endeavors to offer … 2. There’s lots of advice online about how to pack your box. Our main aim is to provide a friendly and reliable service giving you peace of mind, knowing your Balikbayan box is in safe hands means you can relax while your balikbayan box is shipped back home to your family in the Philippines. Balikbayan Box Sizes. Send your parcel much cheaper from Philippines to Japan. The cheapest and yet reliable door to door delivery services of Pinoy Balikbayan Box from The Benelux to anywhere in The Philippines. Tagalog Balikbayan Box Services We started out as a husband and wife team wanting to make a difference. A trusted, fastest, affordable and reliable delivery service that everyone needs. For any call from International please call +353 818 288800. If you want to ship stuff to the Philippines, using a postal service, UPS, DHL or FedEx is probably the most expensive way to do it. Compare prices at our system to find best way for delivery and shipment from one country to another! ADDRESS: 231-0864 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Naka-ku Chiyozaki cho 2-52-2 Chiyozaki 1F. The Balikbayan Box, or "return to homeland box," is a large box that is filled with necessities and gifts for loved ones in the Philippines. A Balikbayan Box, therefore, is a care package sent by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) back to their families in the Philippines. As an OFW or a Filipino residing abroad, you are allowed to send Balikbayan boxes as much as you want. Ang Bawat Balikbayan Box ay Kahon ng Pagmamahal. Balikbayan Box from Japan to Philippines by Kenshin Hako Cargo Services | Serving every Filipino all over Japan! It is simply because, a lot of OFW’s will be sending their boxes to the Philippines and some are not meant for ‘pasalubong’ or sending back their personal effects as “balikbayan” but for some, this is … One of our friendly Sales Team will be with you shortly. This cardboard box contains anything and everything that an overseas Filipino finds valuable to their loved ones back home. Our record speaks of what we can do to the Filipino community in the United Kingdom. Still, if you want to pack as many things as possible, you could go for a “jumbo size” box, which usually measures 24 … Start Chat. 12K likes. Pls. Balikbayan Boxes are packages of personal effects and/or “pasalubongs” sent by Filipinos residing or working abroad to their families or relatives in the Philippines to enhance Philippine tradition and culture for the promotion and preservation of strong family ties through love and caring expressed in gift-giving. Visit our site to learn more about our services. Overseas Filipinos (Filipino: Pilipino sa Ibayong-dagat) are people of full or partial Filipino origin, i.e. Before you send that balikbayan box, make sure the freight forwarder is accredited with the Philippine Shippers' Bureau (PSB) to avoid possible problems. We are known for our exemplary professional services. Call Us +81 50 5846 6350. Spread the love3 3SharesList of FTEB-Accredited Seafreight Forwarders and their Foreign Agents sending Balikbayan Box Shipments (as of 08 June, 2016) Below are the list of Philippine Freight Forwarders and their Foreign Counterpart as accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry. Email Us. This can be someone who is an overseas worker, or a former Filipino citizen whose family had been naturalized in a foreign country and returns to the Philippines from time to time.

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