lg g8 thinq review

Unfortunately, the rest of UX 8.0 leaves much to be desired. Overall, the G… Instead, the LG G8 is filled with gimmicks that might be fun initially, but their persnicketiness and general uselessness ultimately frustrate and cheapen the experience. After all, both Huawei and Samsung introduced not one but at least a couple of cutting-edge features on their latest flagships. There's inky darkness and vibrancy to colours, a great palette to display your content, while not lacking in brightness either. The LG G8 ThinQ is a competent Android smartphone that has the latest specs, including a Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM. To get Air Motion to work, you need to hold your hand in just the right spot. The LG G8X ThinQ looks and feels similar to the LG G8 ThinQ, but the changes made are extremely welcome. LG G8 ThinQ Review: - Powerful LG Smartphone 2020. The LG G8 ThinQ is a perfectly adequate 2019 flagship device, but it fails to really stand out among the pack unless you really want a device that you can interact with hands free (thanks to what LG … Go there for reviews of competing products and how we tested them, plus buying advice. LG continues the tradition with ultra-wide angle cameras so in addition to the main 12MP camera (1/2.6", 1.4µm pixels) with f/1.5 aperture and OIS, you will also find a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera with f/1.9, and 1.0µm pixels. LG G8 ThinQ Review: A Good Phone Marred By Gimmicks LG's G8 ThinQ is a powerful flagship phone undone by novelty features that aren't useful at all. FAQ The notch is now a tiny teardrop rather than … The loss of the G8’s sensors has allowed LG to go with a smaller camera notch, even though the selfie camera has been upgraded to … Last year’s LG V40 has one of the best cameras in a smartphone, if for no other reason than it was super fun to use, but the G8's camera is just tired. Rating 4 out of 5 stars with 1 review. Facebook This mobile is loaded with all the fundamental features that you demand in daily life. However, it is an affordable flagship at … However, the latter doesn't come with stabilization or autofocus. There's nothing wrong with the G8's camera, there's just not much new about it either. We may get a commission from qualifying sales. The LG G8 ThinQ has its pros and cons but surprisingly, the advantages we see in the G8 lie eslewhere from what LG marketing chose to focus on. Two other high points on the G8 are its speed and battery life. Sadly, it's also the G8’s most marketable feature, allowing you to control parts of the phone without needing to touch the screen. No, in fact, it's the compact size of the handset that will attract some customers. Discover the key facts and see how LG G8 ThinQ performs in the smartphone ranking. Gesture navigation is represents, however, and you get a similar implementation of the swipe-up-on-the-home-button method that you’ll find on the Google Pixel. It has to be noted we are reviewing the LG8 model with 2 back-facing cameras. The LG G8, left, has a OLED display versus the LCD on last year’s G7. Like the G7, the G8 has a dual camera, and the specs are very similar: As such, the two phones take very similar pics. Then you can wave to do things like play music and answer calls, and twist to raise and lower the volume. Surprisingly, there are no earphones included in the package. It’s … And it probably would, if not for all of those gimmicks. LG still hasn’t quite mastered the app drawer, but the implementation is good and you can toggle back to the old way if you’d prefer. The LG G8 has a great screen and processor, but its gimmicks are just too much to bear. Compare Good Phone. The battery life is dependable, the screen can get really bright outdoors so sunlight legibility is great too, and the piezoelectric screen sure does make the calls more pleasant in loud environments.

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