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Joo Sang Wook played his character very well and he was the charming bad guy who only just wanted to be loved and was very lonely. Finally, we can see JSW as a king. Among them, actress Kim Mi-Kyung is particularly good at making the best of a weak script. Great Chemistry Shi Yoon ? This drama has some good actors but their efforts are wasted by a poor screenwriter who does not seem to know where she is going. Similar drama to God of War and Flower in Prison mixed together lol! Stevens Mar 11 2018 3:53 am rskdrama Apr 12 2018 12:33 pm I can't agree more with the comments about the fast-paced plot and story-wise, the intense moments, beautiful romance, amazing OST, everything...And of course Yoon Shi Yoon's superb acting..I think he's one of the few actors who look amazing as Joseon fine men beside Lee Jun Ki, Park Si Hoo, and Yoo Seung Ho ? I dont know if its the actor who added depth to the character in their portrayal, but other than Hwi who shows growth and room for more developments, the others are mostly one-dimentional. Nd i loved Roo Si Gae like crazy so much that at times i even loved her more than the lead actress.. that being said, i didnt completely fall in love with the leads,especially the female lead as i felt her character just didnt have much purpose except for the love line, but i love Jin Se Yun i guess this disappointment was because i watched her as a strong female lead in flower in prison so to see as this girl who only cared about a man and wasnt strong enough was kind of disappointing.. overall, it was a good show with one of the best romances in historical dramas. The cast and the story was really great , everything was good from the beginning till the end. Love the story and super love Yoon Shi Yoon! .The Prince lipstick at early story can be much more related to him who has free-spirit as an artistic painter. Like the connection between the two leading actors. 7-days is a story about a seriously insecure king. It seems rather noone noticed the prominent ribs and hipbones, which should not be visible especially in horses with a thick winter coat. Two more episode. The ost's are amazing and the actings are solid. 윤시윤과 호흡", "Kim Mi-kyung to Join the Cast of "Grand Prince, "[공식입장] '투깝스' 문지인, TV조선 '대군' 합류..진세연과 호흡", "Shin Yi to star in TV Chosun's "Grand Prince, "Yoon Si-yoon and Jin Se-yun for "Grand Prince, "윤시윤-진세연-주상욱-류효영 출연 '대군-사랑을 그리다' 후끈한 대본 리딩 현장! It's the first time that I really hate the antagonist in kdrama. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. Mar 12 2018 2:18 pm No matter how many ppl say ‘she is improving’, well, she is still weak, still expressionless, still cant act. Especially the opening theme. Iyabo Feb 03 2020 6:36 pm Exclusive: “Grand Prince” Cast Talks About Babies, Gyms, And Why You Should Watch Their Drama. I hope to see you in modern drama but this traditional one is ok. Just stay with YSY only till the end.. Hope this drama will hit an award later. Yun Apr 14 2018 12:14 am Category:Grand Prince supporting cast. Very interesting drama with brilliant actors/actresses. Lee Kang is highly ambitious and aspires to become the king. 100% recommended. kinkin Apr 07 2018 11:37 am Im a big fan of Jin Se Yeon but looks like I'll have to wait longer to see her. Lee Kang also blind due to his greediness. Had so much hope for this drama and was excited to see the collaboration of Joo Sang Wook and Yoon Shi Yoon, who are both great in acting. Joo Sang Wook has done a good job being a bad prince. This drama’s plot is so juvenile I dunno what more to say, comparing with those cdrama. I totally loved it. Period! 4. Esraa Aug 19 2018 1:04 pm JaeOh Mar 06 2018 9:44 am June Nov 24 2018 11:48 pm Leslie Mar 07 2018 6:45 pm From ESP 15 it looks like The King and Queen are insanely nuts. Things are going fast in this drama, so I believe It won't last more than 20 episode. Since this drama finished airing, so many time that I keep thinking whether I should watch this drama or not.. Based on the synopsis, this drama have two elements that I least like in Kdrama which is historical and love triangle.. I must also admit that throughout the story my heart bled for the villain more than for the main characters. He started as a "perfect" pretty boy character with all his kindness, innocent, and delicate personalities. I must say, its not so bad and with yoon shiyoon as her pairing, you may rest assured they manage to balance each other. His performance in this is absolutely riveting! Finally get to see our Princess on the small screen again. Il s'agit d'une adaptation cinématographique du jeu vidéo éponyme Prince of Persia : Les Sables du temps3. I loved to watch this again in every episodes you feel life you there on the scenes .. Dana May 15 2018 3:28 pm This is the best drama for 2018. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. Chloe Mar 03 2018 6:58 pm Love it! © Seems like JSW will play an antagonist role this time.. Anyone but Jin Se-Yin would have done this character justice. Does tht mean joo sang wook will play antagonist male lead?? i love you since the baker king until The besr hit and then now Grand Prince, lanulan Mar 05 2018 10:18 am The basic concept of this early Choseon period drama had genuine potential, but by the 10th episode my interest is gone. GRAND CANYON OVERLOOK YPE. It is down hill for the nutty king who wife, uncle, and indiot follows go to war. Apps. I know you will be the best. I love how LH characters remind so much with Peeta M. from The Hunger Games. Grand Prince Date: 3 March 2018. Elisa Jung Mar 01 2018 10:38 am Yoon shi Yoon . Hope JSY just fall in love with YSY only in tht drama. Thought I was the only one who cannot appreciate this drama. One down and two more to go in the family. Lastly, if one professes to be artistic, at least show you have the sophistication in manners as well. AB Apr 10 2018 1:05 pm I was like, "Was I supposed get EMO over this???" YSY is the 1st lead, not the 2nd lead cos he's the lead protagonist. Yoon Shi Yoon is at his best. Good luck for your drama. MF Apr 12 2018 6:39 pm I find nothing to admire in this character. Waiting for you Jin Se Yeon ♥♥ LOL Can't wait to see you Oppa. The last time I watched his story base was in The Princess' Man...another amazing drama as well, indeed. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") I`m a big fan . not amazing but good for me to understand her character. This one goes around pissing princes off without considering she might have her head chopped off. Kim Feb 21 2018 3:21 am Minah Mar 04 2018 8:35 am The drama had a good start. Kpopfanboy Mar 17 2018 11:45 pm it will satisfy your expectations on how they will meet! Lee Seohwa Feb 21 2018 2:08 am uhm the story line is just the same like queen for seven days?? Yoon Siyoon fighting. and jin se yeon have done quite a good job in her previous sageuk drama, so tbh i kinda happy that she chose another sageuk drama this time. i hope someone can stop my curiosity. Mayfair Phoenix May 08 2018 5:19 am Cannot wait to watch it... Taenthusiast Dec 05 2017 12:50 am fallingstars May 13 2018 11:18 am Woo jin Feb 02 2018 9:48 pm The network is not well-known and the production looks outdated. “Grand Prince” Drops Beautiful Traditional Painting-Style Posters Of The Cast Upcoming period drama “Grand Prince” has released new posters of its principal cast. I love this drama. ?everytime i watch a historical korean drama, i end up searching in google if it's a true to life story. Please be a good drama! query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Miso Jan 25 2018 2:13 am If u watch their latest trailer, YSY's face came out first and his face came out again at the end saying he will return alive. Archived. Now we know Idiots King and Queen are both insane. This is the best 2018 korean drama aired until now! Cant wait 4 his new kdrama?? I Think this drama is about the life story of King Sejo the Second Son of The Great King Sejong, A king who stole the throne from his nephew. @rskdrama ,, are you serious??!!! Totally love it the way JH is now fighting alongside Hwi. I used to watch him as the perfect gentleman even if he was poor. "Grand Prince" is a romantic drama centered around Prince Soo-yang and Prince Ahnpyeong and a woman they love. 342 produits. Enjoyed the drama wholeheartedly from the beginning to the end. i was expecting a cute ending for her with eunuch park.. :(. Agggghhhhh! Plus, he's still beautiful. } unassuming.She > was a noble-souled cast.The half blood prince movie will misguide here reproductive.It peninsulared him.I gum to tower myself. Too bad!!!!!!!! Such a great cast of stars! To have Ja-Hyun, Lee Kang wants to become the King...even if he has to kill his younger brother. I found this drama a bit lacking. Fighting. Jin se yeon :))) she is great actress <3 ı love her. Hwi and ja hyun love story is over the top beautiful! OmO. Hello, I’m from The Middle East. Visit Grand Prince to find more recent info. You had to be pretty Machiavellian, in order to survive those times, as a royal. She is a beautiful woman from a prestigious family, but Lee Kang's younger brother Lee Hwi also loves her. Astria. I like the quite strength and also the bullheadedness of her character as well as how it played off the male characters. S.N Jul 02 2018 8:43 pm And yoon shi yoon will play protagonist eventho he is a 2nd male lead? Not too slow not too fast. The part he planned to kill YSY will be a smackdown for me..kekeke The relationship between Lee Hwi and Ja Hyun was also really beautiful and sweet, though i felt it was a bit rushed and became too deep without much development. Khim May 04 2018 10:34 pm Lee Kang (Joo Sang Wook) is an ambitious prince. Especially JSY after her wonderful award winning performance in her last drama "Flower in Prison" She looks so beautiful in another historical drama. Brian Apr 03 2018 8:57 pm 3. director lacks development for many scenes. 2 years ago. The romance (the main romance) needs to be longer especially the courtship, in my opinion. Unlock ALL Perks. But we'll I guess to each is own. Not without flaws, of course, but really good. Yoon Shi Yoon is a male lead. I am surprised to see Joo Sang Wook in saeguk. Florandy Cabrera Apr 07 2018 1:56 pm But after going through the hardships and almost dying second times, he changed. i hope your drama will be great. Haha I hope she excel this time! Obviously the production team had selected really talented artists. Prince Eun Sung is a sensitive artist trapped in the snake nest that is the royal court, forced to fight in a war and act in a way that belies his gentle nature. It also played a good contrast to YSY's character who's the polar opposite, though at the same time you can see the similarities between the two characters as well. Lee Kang Prince (Joo Sang Wook) has the best charisma and charms. Kimac Mar 07 2018 10:56 pm This is such a wonderful drama from the first up to the ending of this drama was so good, the otp lovely hwihyun were so great with all the team even lee kang. I hope the girl would end up with yoon si yoon, I love joo sang wook but it's looks like he'll be playing the antoganist this time. The Kang River (Joo Sang Wook) play really good. I really want to thank the writer for this story which contain a beautiful wisdom. Can't wait to see you " Lee Kang Prince ", Jashik Nov 21 2017 2:22 pm So he can get the girl at the end. I hope this drama will be successfull. i had high expectations with this drama, and it didn't work out.. something is lacking as if they rushed the ending but well, still a happy ending tho'.. i love the kissing scenes tbh hahaha, and im fricking jealous of jin se yeon,lololol, good thing donggu has a new drama, that would really fill my ysy drought lol, im just mad they killed roo shi gae like wtf?!??!?!?! It ruined and spoiled everything! Be it between the 3 leads, or with any other characters. actors make up were too overwhelming ! User account menu. I hope it goes good .Looks like jin se yeon acting really improved! She is good actress,Fighting Jin Se-Yun Why some writers' stories are go like that. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=87; Donguu second lead nooo don't do this. I love historical drama and hope she has plenty of actions in this new drama. Miles Mar 05 2018 10:50 pm Her ‘fainting’ act was so laughable.. turning your head in a round? Though i dont think its because of him, but more because of Jin Se Yeon who is just mostly expressionless. On February 27, upcoming drama “Grand Prince… The saddlemarks on the horse Yoon Shi Yoon was riding were by no means insignificant but rather the result of continuus wounds from the saddle over a long time. Le Prince Oublié, un film de Michel Hazanavicius I love you since The Baker King. Im so excited of what will happen soon. Stop spoiling dramas and do something else! I've been waiting for you to come back and been waiting awhile to watch historical drama. This drama has me hooked. Romance? I am only sorry for some actors I know and like who are caught into this show. One very much wants to sit on the throne, while the other one would rather dedicate his life to the fine arts. She is beautiful and comes from a prestigious family. The young Prince Eun Sung is so adorable! Lee Mar 15 2018 7:31 am I just love yoon shi yoon in this drama...he is such a good actor...i hope he will be nominated for some awards...the 1st ep. On the other hand, Yoon Si Yoon and Jin Se yun acting is very weak, even though they are the leads of this drama. Gita Feb 08 2019 7:51 pm nicole Feb 03 2018 7:23 pm Add to cart Updated International Shipping: During the pandemic, we're seeing a significant rise in international shipping costs. But still I'm watching this because of the oppas, hmmm so cute indeed. Everyone was complaining about her acting early on, but she is superb in this episode. This is the reason why I like kdrama so much, because they make us understand the antagonists, not only we will love the protagonist but also the antagonist. Angry Apr 04 2018 12:03 pm Jasmyn Mar 20 2018 6:18 am Good! I recommended this drama because this is a good drama of 2018 and I love the relationship of the cast they love each other hope they all have a chance to reunite in their future dramas, reminders don't listen to the unpleasant comments please watch this drama as you want. I like everything about this drama - actors, actress, the pace and the music. Sorry if l upset anyone here BUT I was really really looking forward to this show and hung on up to the 4th episode. Her characters are not fully developed, mostly one-dimentional, except for Hwi. haru Apr 12 2020 7:19 pm I really love this drama a lot. Mail (required but will not be published), Ismail Issa Dec 24 2020 3:17 am Mikey Nov 21 2017 6:36 am Strongly recommended! Close. I just enjoy the storyline. Great acting by the main cast. I miss seven day queen and dramas like Don't You,so good,this drama is just a joke. Oh Seung Ah will be appearing in upcoming historical drama, “Grand Prince.” The former Rainbow member began to focus her work as an actress after the group’s disbandment and took her first lead role in KBS drama “A Sea of Her Own” last year. To tell you the truth I watch this drama because of Joo Sang Wook . Many actors make a valiant effort to rescue the drama. sorry i can't speak englis good. May i wish you every success in your new drama. I just can't get into saeguk dramas. Because the real attitude of the second lead actress in accordance with her character in this drama. WHY?!!! To be honest, the weakest part of this drama is the love story. Mariam Aug 28 2020 4:54 pm Benjamin May 11 2018 11:22 pm "CSI: NY" Grand Master (TV Episode 2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Everyone has a right to have their own opinion and I think this drama is really good. Lily Mar 15 2018 1:59 am pavan Nov 21 2017 6:01 am If this drama does follow this storyline, I will cry so much. Bennie Mar 11 2018 4:05 am I really like the drama sooo much , main male lead cast are talented and add a special flavour to the drama ,, start is amazing ,, keep going guys .. fighting ?? I hate it when people compare it to QF7D and they go complaining even it's been only 4 episodes yet... it's different i tell you... anyway the drama is good, I love how the pacing of the story is on track...not to fast and not to dragging... promise my self to finish it's airing first before I watch it on the net... but I can't help it. I love this drama. First script reading takes place November 23, 2017. And as someone who went in not sure about JSY, I'm happy that she proved me wrong. The musics are wonderful. //]]>, //

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