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3.5 out of 5 stars 333. External Reviews There are so many movies that are formulaic and predicable, which many consider to be the best of all time. He may not have the energy in his roles he once had, but his presence more than makes up for it. On the other hand the movie is a little generic and cliché and would be a really good TV movie if not for the cast. Sometimes you can't count on the authorities to help you because they just don't care and this film portraits that. From the beginning on, you're in it - and with the main three actors. This 2015 thriller is based on the book 'Go With Me', by Castle Freeman, Jr. Set in a logging town in the Pacific Northwest, the story revolves around a young woman, Lillian (Julia Stiles) who recently returned back here, her hometown. Elizabeth Leroy devotes her life to serving God but her faith is tested over the years as she has to overcome many hardships and sorrows. 1992 Ford F-Series. Anthony Hopkins (Lester), plays an ex-cop, who decides to help Lillian (Julia Stiles) to track down Blackway (Ray Liotta), to put a stop to him stalking her. Worth watching. Go with Me. I agree with the 10 January 2107 review ("The movie isn't bad..."). VisualEditor History Comments Share. 'Blackway' is not terrible...but definitely not great, either. All that said, the movie isn't bad and is a decent watch for what it is. He can play 'unlikable' very well. View production, box office, & company info. Just Before I Go Randy Morgan (2014) Back in the Game Danny Gannon (2013-2014) Trust Me Phillip (2013 ... 67th Primetime Emmy Awards 2015: Outstanding Comedy Series. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Wanda Jo (2015-2019) Broad City Linda Lodi (2014-2019) Rachel Dratch's Late Night Snack (2016-2018) The stand-out for me though was Anythony Hopkins. Cast & Crew Top Series Cast. Think again ! It was very formulaic and predictable, but I was okay with that. The movie isn't bad and is a decent watch for what it is. DVD. An ex-logger comes to the aid of a woman who returns to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest and finds herself harassed and stalked by a former cop turned crime lord. "Sure would be better for everyone involved if she just left town." Blackway (2015) Director: Daniel Alfredson Plot Edit. Honest. Along with The Band Perry members (Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry), the video features Alexander Ludwig (TV's Vikings, Lone Survivor, and When The Game Stands Tall) as a young man who's ... See full summary », A modern fable set against the rugged backdrop of a Pacific Northwest logging community, this is the story of Lillian (Julia Stiles), a young woman newly returned to her hometown who becomes the subject of harassment by a man named Blackway (Ray Liotta), an ex-cop turned violent crime lord who operates with impunity in this small community on the edge of the wilderness. Psychic John Clancy (Sir Anthony Hopkins) works with the F.B.I. Mr Hopkins was his usual perfect character giving us a flawless performance. DVD. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Summaries. Eddig 915 alkalommal nézték meg. Two siblings become increasingly frightened by their grandparents' disturbing behavior while visiting them on vacation. (2015). 2015. Jake and Marceline give Finn conflicting advise on … FAQ This movie would have have bombed if there would have been a more classic vigilante hero as the lead character. 1994 Ford F-150. Blackway (2015) Plot. Apart from a paycheck, it's hard to imagine what drew any of the participants to this mundane material, with no sign the actors and director were doing anything more than going through the motions. This is an excellent cast working with a slightly subpar script. Now the two of them must not only find out who the mysterious Blackway is but stop him before things get too far. Hopkins is good and Stiles plays her part well, but there were a few plot points that were added and either forgotten about or didn't seem to fit with the rest of the movie. Some really good fight scenes in this movie and supporting characters you will recognize and love, Lochlyn Munroe played his part very well teasing poor Nate and receiving a head butt, that will teach him! Hopkins is as elegant as ever, and a delight to behold, but the story itself could use more depth. It was a very captivating riveting movie.It takes a day or 2 out of someones life as they deal with a horrible criminal the way we all should.Just deal with it and move on. Personally, I didn't understand what was so scary about Blackway, because he just seemed like the town bully, who could have been easily been killed if they all pulled together. The plot is very good 9 *, Excellent movie for fans of quiet, but intense "small-town" crime movies. I had recorded this movie and was going to check out the first few minutes and watch something else, but I couldn't stop watching. Overall, this was a movie that I enjoyed watching and that is all you can ask from a movie in the end. This FAQ is empty. Forsaken by the local townspeople, advised by Sheriff Wingate (Dale Wilson) to leave town, Lillian decides instead to take a stand against her sociopathic stalker, and enlists the help of an ex-logger Lester (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and his laconic young sidekick Nate (Alexander Ludwig), the only two men in town brave enough, or crazy enough, to go with her, and go up against Blackway. I also can not comprehend why would a movie star such as Anthony Hopkins or Ray Liotta accept to be part of this garbage.

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