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Godlike Super speed - His speed is incomprehensible to even the abstract beings. Superman. Can the republic survive his term? 2 Hulk vs Superman . The following post types and comments have been deemed low-quality by the community and may be removed. Captain Atom Vs Dr Manhattan is a better match up (In the original draft of Watchmen, Dr Manhattan was Captain … AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Epic Spider Gear Kampf Mit Thanos CKN Spielzeug. Einerd. He is actually godlike on a cosmic level, whereas only normal humans on earth would even consider the possibility that Manhattan was a god. Team Dr Manhattan vs Team Superman Prime One-Million # As I mentioned in another comment, Manhattan clearly has limits if he's incapable of completely stopping a Nuclear assault. Try outlining arenas, special conditions, multiple rounds and specifying the universe/version of characters if you're looking for a good discussion. Hmmm. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. 10:05. And either way they're above Manhattan's paygrade. We don't have Superman Prime yet, but Superman is a Class 9. Superman Prime One Million has powers that are vague but extremely powerful. Be the first to … DC and Marvel powerhouses collide as we take a look at which powerhouse would come out on top in battle: Superman or Sentry. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 21166 on r2-app-059b018314abe7062 at 2021-01-02 18:23:57.883009+00:00 running c709bd6 country code: FR. best. His supercharged bio-electric "aura" acts as an invisible "force … Dr. Manhattan VS Superman Prime One Million | BATTLE ARENA. Superman has a vast assortment of tremendous powers at his disposal; he's impossibly strong, incredibly smart, and insanely fast. Basically, Superman Prime One Million has powers that far outclasses anything Doctor Manhattan has shown himself capable of. [–]Tom_Foolery1993 5 points6 points7 points 7 years ago (10 children). Characters: Subreddit vs Subreddit posts or other posts looking to get a rise out of other online communities (Tumblr, 4chan, etc, etc). Sinestro is a construct of Kyle. If worst came to worst, he could just destroy the entire reality that Dr. Manhattan inhabits. Ei Nerd. Nigh-Omnipotence - Superman prime has near limitless abilties as far as we can see. When his father Jor-El realized that the planet was doomed, he and his wife Lara Lor-Van sent Kal-El to Earth, where he would be found by Jonathan … 60% Upvoted. Dr. Drmanhattan42 1 y 10 mo 18 d . You see, The Watchmen isn't a story about triumph or heroism - it's about failure. He's not a protagonist(I mean, he is Clark Kent but he's not the hero of the story he's in), he's the conclusion to a storyline set in the far future where DC took it up to infinity. Superman Prime can unmake realities at will. Doctor Manhattan is not all powerful either. JakeTheBank. This thread is archived. 3:36. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. 0. TheConductor. LeHuffPost. Archived. Looking at specific factors between the two, here is our layout of Dr. Manhattan vs Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. Find a flair you like, click it, and send the message it brings you to exactly as-is. Do you mean mean Superman Prime as in the "golden Superman" from DC One Million or the young Superman from Earth-Prime? Jon's also said that he can erase universes with little to no effort. … Comments that are a few words and contribute no actual discussion ('lol' or '___ stomps'). Ei Nerd. Superman Prime (One Million) vs Dr Manhattan on the sun Comics and Graphic Novels Topic Archived; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Superman is a demi-god, but the blue guy basically is a transcendentally powerful being. Sorry I'm a newb when it comes to supes. 0. He cares about human life. Creation - Superman Prime is able to create lifeforms out of nothing. WWE 2K16 - Thanos VS Hulk VS Superman VS Batman VS … u/Quocalimar. that said Bats didn't have prep time so who do you think takes a fight between For more information click here. Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Susan Richard, is an omega level mutant, probably the most powerful mutant ever. Dr. Manhattan vs Superman Prime One Million SheenLantern. Quem vencerá? Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Superman Vs. Dr. Manhatten - Not that Doomsday Clock is picking up I want to see what yall think of this match up again.I stand firm up until this point Dr.Manhatten beats Superman with ease (no superman prime kr that other BS as that's not Superman. It is then revealed the reason he came to Prime Earth is because he saw an enraged Superman punch him and saw nothing happen afterwards. Add a bio, trivia, and more. gunswordfist said: . Resurrection - Superman Prime can resurrect the dead and himself. We issue warnings if we believe the user means well but we are not obligated to do so. 26 points • 20 comments - THANOS VS SUPERMAN PRIME VS DR. MANHATTAN (I bet on Dr Manhattan) - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet! Could a modern US marine infantry battalion destroy the Mongol Empire at its height? Rules: Both bloodlusted. Posts with no details or specifications whatsoever. The energy that caused Firestorm's explosion in Moscow matched that of Dr. Manhattan which the Justice League traced to Mars. Jesus Christ the anatomy alone defeats Dr. Manhattan. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. He isn't his body. report. His power has so much weight behind it because he’s the only being in Watchmen who has any powers, and because the world is so different thanks to him. You can disassemble him atom by atom but he can repair himself. WWE 2K16 - Batman VS Superman VS Captain America VS Iron Man VS Darkseid vs Thanos . Why does that character exist? And nobody can resist that? Completely unbeatable. not sure how superman doesn't win considering he has element X and he casually exists outside of the multiverse To submit a battle, click the Goku vs Superman (or Doom vs Vader) button above. Superman vs. Dr. Manhattan Superman (Post-Flashpoint): 0 Doctor Manhatta: 0 In honor of this comic panel, how do you think this battle would actually fare? WWE 2K16 Thanos VS Hulk VS Superman VS Batman VS Captain America VS Winter Soldier. 3:36. Wiki Points ... Prime crushed Solaris while Dr manhattan's only feat was blowing up the tank. However, Superman tells Jon that maybe he can't see the future because he might have to … All Kryptonian powers under a Yellow Sun. Placing him against prime 1 million is placing him into the big pond, and prime is a HUGE fish in the big pond. We encourage the upvoting of all relevant content and have a wide definition of what's acceptable. [–]Darth_Hobbes 5 points6 points7 points 7 years ago (0 children). Superman Prime One Million is under some circumstances resistant or immune to different forms and levels of lacerations, blunt force trauma, energy-based assaults, falls from great heights, explosions, the cold void of space, toxins and all known diseases on Earth. Report rule breaking and leave rule enforcement to the mods. Donald Trump. Superman Prime One Million has powers that are vague but extremely powerful. Nite Owl fails … UFC 246 - Sat. I am answering this hastily, and I may be a little bit biased; however, I do not think any version of superman can defeat Dr. Manhattan. Publication history. 1:45. Team Superman Prime One-Million Doctor Manhattan* vs. SPOM Apocalypse vs. Superman Prime(DC One Million) vs Dr.Manhattan(Watchmen) 4 comments. Doctor Jonathan Osterman was a nuclear physicist who was caught in a radioactive particle test, which transformed him into a god-like being known as Doctor Manhattan. Captain Atom was initially created for Charlton Comics, but was later acquired by DC Comics and revised for DC's post-Crisis continuity. Manhattan is generally overstated in his powers. Follow 7634. If that is considered too easy, he could just as easily remove prime's yellow sun armor and momentarily change our sun to another color, disabling prime's powers and making him an ordinary human. 2. Dr. Manhattan is a Class 10. Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. Infinity Gauntlet Thanos VS Anti-Monitor (Crisis on Infinite Earths) | BATTLE ARENA. Team Dr Manhattan vs Team Superman Prime One-Million. Sort by. Or he travels back in time and prevents Manhattan from ever being born. save. * Increased durability (He can survive in the center of the sun.) … Posted by 7 years ago. Any posts that do not promote evidence-based debate. Dr Manhattan OMG, did you just say hes not called cosmic armor superman, you clearly never actually heard of this character / know anything about him if you'll say that he is not called cosmic armor superman, its cosmic armor superman/thought robot there the same ***** thing, and @Jongensoden yes thought robot is an insanely powerful version of Superman, He is the strongest version of Superman … [–]replicasex 3 points4 points5 points 7 years ago (0 children). Check out our Official Submission Template for a few suggestions on how you can structure your battle with additional conditions and formatting to make it more interesting. 1. The Dude is a level above anyone who lacks some serious reality warping. [–]justice51315 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (0 children). Remember, the mods are humans, and we realize you're human, too. Veidt successfully summons Manhattan, who reveals that he came to Prime Earth because he saw a vision where he sees an enraged Superman punch him and saw nothing afterwards, believing Superman kills him or he ends everything. Team Superman Prime One-Million Dr. Manhattan* vs SPOM Apocalypse* vs Zoom Mxy vs Mikaboshi* Elder God vs Azathoth* Fulcrum vs Featherine* WPOTC vs PF* King Thanos vs GQ Thanos* Paralya vs Elaine* Presence* vs Yog. Nigh-Omniscience - Superman Prime has possibly learned everything in his time in the sun. Okay, he moves everyone but Manhattan to an identical universe, then destroys the original. [–]johnnytheracoon 2 points3 points4 points 7 years ago (0 children). Cookies help us deliver our Services. All of them are bloodlusted The Battle set in Mars Rounds: R1: Superboy Prime vs Dr manhattan R2: Spectre vs Anti monitor R3: Superboy Prime Vs Anti monitor R4: Spectre vs Dr. Manhattan R5: Team fight Equipment: Superboy could use his armor Lose by death [–]Darth_Hobbes 1 point2 points3 points 7 years ago (4 children). Superman Prime is has a power that's multiversal in scope, and his other powers can either match or put Manhattan's power set to shame. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Visit our sister subreddit /r/RespectThreads to prove how strong a character is! Special: Size alteration, teleportation, manipulation of matter at the atomic level, self-replication, intangibility, telekinesis, ability to exist beyond time. Created by EmptyHand. If it's within the context of a story though, the victor will be Superman. Superman Prime wins against anyone but a God with a capital G. Manhattan isn't really omnipotent, he doesn't stand a chance. You're allowed to repost but look to your left first. Comment. Dr. Manhattan vs Superman Prime "Please crush me with your heels Esdeath-sama! Though the Justice League is far more powerful than the likes of the Avengers, Dr. Manhattan … All of his Kryptonian powers are enhanced. Godlike Super strength - His strength is limitless, he is capable of lifting his own multi-verse. Trump attaque très violemment Biden dans son discours à l'investiture républicaine. You are indeed where you belong. Prym-El Johnny DC Super Powers. Include detail when posting. He would later become a member of the superhero group known as the Crimebusters. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! If that is considered too easy, he could just as easily remove prime's yellow sun armor and momentarily change our sun to another color, disabling prime's powers and making him an ordinary human. By Sam Stone Feb 05, 2020. Edit: Forgot Superman Prime was immune to kryptonite, still, there's no compelling reason that dr manhatten couldn't just turn superman into dust. Let's start with comparing their powersets and weaknesses. Or just turn him into a … Manhattan has no such hang ups. … Always admit it up front if you're unfamiliar with a character. Thanos vs Dr Manhattan - TEASER TRAILER. At the moment, he has faced off against several key DC heroes, and still managed to win. This is a bit of a mismatch. What would Superman Prime do? Special: Trained in physical and mental martial arts, highly resistant to all but magical and elemental attacks, empowered by yellow or blue solar energy which depletes slowly over time, flight, ability to live in extreme conditions, heat vision, superhuman senses, reflexes, x-ray vision, microscopic/telescopic vision. What's the point of a protagonist with no weaknesses? In fact, the Man of Steel is so that he can give most Speedsters a run for their money! History Talk (0) Share. It's pointless to pair him up with anyone who doesn't use magic. 19:31. 6 wins (19.4%) Dr Manhattan Jonathan Osterman: 65 M: Apocalypse En Sabah Nur: Mister Mxyzptlk Mr. Mxyzptlk: 617 K: Elder God Demonbane Demonbane: The Fulcrum The Fulcrum: White Phoenix of the Crown Jean Grey: King Thanos Thanos: 2.8 M: Pralaya Pralaya: The Presence The Presence: 72 M: 25 wins (80.6%) Superman Prime … Press J to jump to the feed. [–]Darth_Hobbes 2 points3 points4 points 7 years ago (9 children). When he talks about how he perceives past and future it seems pretty clear that he exists outside of time as well as space. Share Share Tweet Email. [–]Tom_Foolery1993 2 points3 points4 points 7 years ago (0 children), Good god, please excuse me while I go read this comic, [–]jerry121212 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (0 children), [–]brown_felt_hat 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (3 children), [–]Darth_Hobbes 1 point2 points3 points 7 years ago* (2 children). I just don't see how Dr. Manhattan could be killed...ever, [–]jerry121212 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (1 child). Cizgifilm. Disruptive gimmick accounts will be first warned then removed. THANOS … That link is to a fight between Superman Prime, who can crush Manhattan, but Classic superman vs Manhattan? He believes Superman kills him or he destroys everything. Dr Manhattan vs Superman Prime One-Million # Superman Prime One-Million @ElectroSpino , if i had not read the comics i wouldn't say anything about the Prime Superman but reading green lantern saying that superman prime "circumnavigated the universe, wrestled evil Gods, fought battles we can't even imagine" that alone … Superman Prime (disambiguation) Edit. Your post will get automatically removed if it is not flaired. As a matter of fact, the only thing holding Superman back from conquering the entire world is his morality, as the Injustice comic book series showed -- as even there it took another Superman … Dr. Manhattan is an incredibly powerful being. Originally posted by abhilegend Sinestro comes and stomps "alley rat". See this post for details. Posts with a clear political or social agenda. 5 Long range, long duration single energy type. 3 superman; 1 Superman Prime vs Vegito Send us a message we'd love to help you with your thread. Superman is the protagonist of the movies Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV and Superman Returns. In the DC universe Superman Prime is second only to The Presence, aka God. This now includes "You vs" posts as of 29/10/2018; details on why are included in this modpost. So GER vs prime one million superman cosmic armor superman with element X vs baldie vs dr manhattan vs universal reality warper vs sonic that can make a water ball vs mui xeno goku? By J. Richland Anderson Jul 16, 2019. Latishadouglas48. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in … I simply know of "The Cosmic Blue Wonder" from the Watchmen movie, and "The OP Man of Gold" from his respect page on reddit. Superman Prime could snap his fingers and everyone gets free energy. Today on Variant, Superman comes face-to-face with Dr Manhattan as we breakdown the massive conclusion to DC and Geoff Johns' Doomsday Clock 12-issue series - Including several massive reveals that … [–]Tom_Foolery1993 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (5 children). and i noticed all of DC pretty much lost to Dr Manhattan except for Superman Prime. Dr. Manhattan says he went to a Metaverse Universe where it affects every other Universe. [–]Roflmoo 4 points5 points6 points 7 years ago (0 children). Dr. Manhattan vs Superman Prime! Dr Manhattan -VS- Superman prime. His control of quantum field allows him to reshape matter, blow things up, change his size, teleport things, etc. It’s a tough battle. [–]MisterBastahrd 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (0 children). Battle. Doctor Manhattan is a pretty decent matter-manipulator. Wiz: DC Comics is known for having some pretty over-powered characters.Boomstick: And these two are right up at the top of the list.Wiz: Superman, the last Kryptonian.Boomstick: And Doctor Manhattan, the most powerful man on earth.Wiz: I'm Wiz, and he's Boomstick. Godlike Heat vision - A million times hotter than the center of the sun. 100% Upvoted. THANOS VS SUPERMAN PRIME VS DR. MANHATTAN | BATALHA MORTAL | Ei Nerd. Nigh-Omnipresent - Superman Prime can be any where at any time. 19:30. Failure to treat your fellow users with respect can lead to a warning or ban. Share Share Tweet Email. If you're going to repost try to broaden or change the discussion to keep it fresh. 10:05. Both focused in the fight. [–]Darth_Hobbes 1 point2 points3 points 7 years ago (0 children). 7 Warp speed: transcending the speed of light, 6 Extremely skilled, mastery of several forms of long-range combat, 6 Able to discharge multiple forms of energy. Arena: Invincible Earth. Plus, with his powers he could most likely create kryptonite or just vaporize superman. Superman Prime wouldn't bat an eye at such a challenge. THANOS VS SUPERMAN PRIME VS DR. MANHATTAN | BATALHA MORTAL | Ei Nerd. [–]Tom_Foolery1993 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (2 children). DC Rebirth reveals that he did by creating the Prime Universe and Prime Earth! Godlike Invulnerability - Capable of surviving the end of the Multiverse. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice ( 15,746 ) IMDb 6.4 2 h 31 min 2016 X-Ray PG-13 From director Zack Snyder comes “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman in the characters’ first big-screen pairing. Posted by. Dr Manhattan -VS- Superman prime . Godlike Super Stamina/Endurance - Capable of surviving the end of the Multiverse. Superboy-Prime vs. Close. [–]justice51315 2 points3 points4 points 7 years ago (2 children), He controls atoms...everything is made up of atoms. Anti_Monitor 1 y 1 mo 26 d . AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Epic Spider Gear Kampf Mit Thanos CKN Spielzeug. No one expects you to be a genius when it comes to every aspect of every character. Comments consisting of a single image or gif to provoke drama or as a non-responsive reply to the thread. Months late, but Superman Prime One Million does in fact control all magic. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. [–]jerry121212 5 points6 points7 points 7 years ago (3 children). and join one of thousands of communities. 1/18; Toggle navigation. Everything that happens in this world is because The Presence wishes it so. Immunity- Superman Prime is imune to magic, kryptonite, lightning, mental manipulation, ect. For a guide on flairing and how to filter out flairs you don't like, click here. His feats are pretty tame by DC standards (mostly teleportation and matter manipulation on a scale smaller than a city) so anything else is hype. He was born with the name Kal-El, on the planet Krypton. CA Superman. In the recent Doomsday Clock storyline, Doctor Manhattan seems to be very unsure about his recent actions as he has seen a future where a battle between himself and Superman could result in the end of everything. Over the years, both DC and Marvel comics have introduced us to some pretty powerful characters. Quem vencerá? Superman Vs Sentry: Who Is Really Stronger? Thanos vs Superman one million. As far as I know superman prime can't. Manhattan becomes a notably darker figure starting from Flashpoint in which he enters the DC multiverse proper and uses a misguided Pandora to convince Barry Allen to merge three separate timelines in order to create Prime Earth - the merger allows him to erase 10 years from the reset universe, this also cause… If asked, you must provide evidence for your claims or drop the argument. Doctor Manhattan: Geoff Johns on Their Biggest Difference. Mindset. Archived. -It's sated he could only block a certain percentage of the Russian's missiles. hide. Jan 26th 2013 at 2:47:47 PM. Apologies go a long way if you mess up. no comments yet. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Dr. Manhattan vs Superman Prime! Exactly. Goku en Ultra Instinct, Superman Prime One Millon, Dr Manhattan Bataille royale avec un seul survivant à la fin, qui gagne? Anti_Monitor 1 y 1 mo 26 d . Dr. Manhattan vs Superman Prime! Unfortunately Manhattan suffers from the problem of being a big fish in a small pond-when a small fish tried to bother him he just snaps them up with little trouble. Superman Prime(DC One Million) vs Dr.Manhattan(Watchmen) Close. 14:46. Meta posts, multi-part tournaments, and other non-conventional posts require mod approval. His control of quantum field allows him to reshape matter, blow things up, change his size, teleport things, etc. Professor Zoom* Mister Mxyzptlk* vs. What is the minimum an average adult human would need to have a fair fight with a space marine(warhammer)? We've only ever seen Manhattan interacting with a non-supernatural world, and even there he's not limitless. Add a photo to this gallery. Einerd. But there is a question, where there would be none if it were Prime. Dr Manhattan vs Superman Prime One-Million # Dr Manhattan I've been thinking and Superman prime is powerful enough to best Galactus but he won't be able to defeat … You can be banned for a first offense. Donald Trump : «Les gens sont fatigués de la NBA» - Basket - NBA. If it's in terms of raw power, Dr Manhattan. I don't think Manhattan can really be hurt or killed, can he? Os seres mais poderosos de 3 universos na maior batalha mortal de todos os tempos. 5 years ago. Geralt (Netflix Show) vs Batman (The dark Knight). 0 comments. Kal-El Earth-Prime Superboy Prime. Here are some of … The charts will, of course, be changing once the new charting system is done. He doesn't seem to inhabit space so much as he creates energy puppets to help him interact with beings who are bound by space in ways which he is not. Who would win? Superman: * Superstrength (When "sun dipped" he can move Earth out of orbit.) Superman Prime. CA is barely a speck of … Team Superman Prime One-Million Dr. Manhattan* vs SPOM Apocalypse* vs Zoom Mxy vs Mikaboshi* Elder God vs Azathoth* Fulcrum vs Featherine* WPOTC vs PF* King Thanos vs GQ Thanos* Paralya vs Elaine* Presence* vs Yog. Batman receives Spider-Man powers (along with blueprints for his webshooters),how much more efficient does he become at stopping crime in Gotham? 10:15. Again, please see the suggested template above for more details. But that's the thing about Dr. Manhattan; he can nullify Superman's powers! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I simply know of "The Cosmic Blue Wonder" from the Watchmen movie, and "The OP Man of Gold" from his respect page on reddit.Regardless I thought, this would be a match up perfectly debated by the professionals and real fans.Edit: It seems no one was making the mistake, and apparently it wouldn't matter but, Superman Prime was supposed to be Superman Prime 1 Million.

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