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Go to Settings > Performance > Workers & Pets > NPC Settings to use this option. You can now press an icon in the Barter Information window to automatically bring up nodes you can barter at from the list of nodes. Your email address will not be published. You can now barter for the following items via certain floating objects (e.g. You need to complete certain quests to unlock these new social actions. But based on what i saw, many people with 60Hz monitor still manage to get the game runs at … You start off with 100 points daily or 150 points if you are using a value pack. Changed the minigame for capturing wild horses, to hopefully make it feel more suspenseful. Fixed the issue where a certain road in the Caduil Forest looked broken on the minimap. Fixed a text issue in the quest The Hidden Sacrament. ... T5 items should have a barter exchange on an island that you can trade in for the new currency. As your bartering level increases, you will need fewer parley points. Changed the maximum number of adventures who can loot Kvariak from five to one. Second trade route and stage-2 material barter unlocks after 10 trades. Added a new item Ogre Dark Crystal, which can be processed into a [Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre. There are four categories in which you can gain a title and they are: World, Combat, Life and Fishing. Use the [Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre or [Conquest] Dark Contract: Troll to summon an ogre or troll which you can possess and control. For example, a Bartering Beginner 1 may need 14,286 parley points to barter at a particular node but may need only 13,074 parley points at the same node when an Apprentice 1. Between each barter information refresh, you will have 1,000,000 parley points to spend. Fixed the graphical issue with the effects in the typing portion of the fishing mini game. This is an old guide on the early boats in the game. Fixed the issue where the text did not fit inside the Barter Information window. [CDATA[/* >*/. Iliya Island Contribution (CP) Cost [Tamer] Fixed the issue where the beginning motions of the skill Flash: Stance Shift were awkward. However, all people share the world and you will be able to play with your friends, no matter how they connect to BDO. You get 100 each day, and then you will also gain some for reaching some milestones (total hours / … Added the new life skill “Bartering” to the My Information window. Barter Refresh Count +1 Required Parley for Barter -10% Allows you to remotely check or skip Special Barter; Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days) x1: Secret Book of Old Moon gives the following benefits when used until expired: Combat EXP +100% Skill EXP +50% Life EXP +50% Reset (enhanced) skills freely Change skill add-ons freely Changed “barter refresh count” to “barter refresh point” in certain instances. The monsters that appear near the following Kamasylvia quest NPCs and location have either been moved or removed. Added the items [Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre and [Conquest] Dark Contract: Troll. The conditions under which Kvariak appears has changed. Fixed the issue where you could not interact with the empty hut during the quest Checking in on Colleagues. We did have to lower the ratio of level 4 sea trade goods that could be exchanged for with level 3 sea trade goods from three to two, due to the high profit (up to 30 million Silver per barter). All Ocean Hourglass items already owned and placed in your in-game Inventory or Storage were automatically be refunded as Pearls and sent to your in-game Mailbox (B) during the November 27 maintenance. Barter trade information can be reset every 4 hours and can be seen from the world map. How do you connect to BDO? Table of Contents. Added three new types of social actions: hold beer; hold broom; read book. Changed the option to see Monster Zones Info in the World Map to “Detailed Surroundings.”. Reduced the accumulated number of exchanges needed to barter via the following floating objects in Margoria: Shipwrecked Cargo Ship; Cholace Chico’s Pirate Union; Wandering Merchant Ship. Lvl 3 and 4(not sure for lvl4) can be sold to trade manager. This will also reset your parley. Therefore, we decided to add the feature of ships stopping when they get stuck in an auto-path. You now choose to see the latest one or three months of market price history for each item in the Central Market, instead of just one month. 6 Mineral Water – this is a very simple material, which you can only buy from the Cooking Vendor, for a very small price. We have also added more ways to get materials to upgrade a ship to an Epheria Carrack. For example, a Bartering Beginner 1 may need 14,286 parley points to barter at a particular node but may need only 13,074 parley points at the same node when an Apprentice 1. In-game rewards for all winners have been sent. Instant Refresh: Ignores the remaining cooldown and refreshes the list immediately by consuming 2 barter refresh counts. DP: The ships armor class; Durability: The ship’s hit points. Lowered the accumulated number of exchanges needed to barter for the following ship upgrade items for upgrading a ship to an Epheria Carrack, and increased the frequency of the barter exchange appearing. Houses 8-1.2 all the way through 8-1.5 can be skipped if you want to maximize on value alone, as picking up just 8-1.1, 8-2.U, and 8-2.1 will give the utmost value at 3.667 cumulative space per CP.Be advised that 8-1.3 and 8-1.4 are also optimal lodging locations. (A day in Black Desert world equals 4 hours in real time.) Hello everyone, i have turned off vsync in nvidia control panel, set bdo to launch in fullscreen mode and disabled every optimization option but my frame rate is always capped at 60fps. There are easy ways to earn points with BDO Rewards. 1 Is Bartering For You?2 Obtaining a Boat and Sailors3 Sailing and Barter With Your Boat4 How To Barter/Planning Your Run5 Bartering Process6 Reset/Refresh Barter Route6. Click here to view your Rewards info now! Third trade route and stage-3 material barter unlocks after 40~50 trades. [CDATA[/* >